Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oxbow Map10

Map10 revised.
Even more literal.
too literal.
Must revert.

"Once a channel begins to follow a sinusoidal path the amplitude and concavity of the loops increase dramatically due to the effect of helical flow sweeping dense eroded material towards the inside of the bend, and leaving the outside of the bend unprotected and therefore vulnerable to accelerated erosion, forming a positive feedback loop."

Underpainting for Map10:
✱ Golden Light Molding Paste (Am I in love? It's like kindergarten.)
✱ string and various kitchen implements (including an angel food cake slicer, both the name and the purpose of which were a mystery to me until just this minute, though I have owned it for a couple of decades)
Neoart "water-soluble wax pastels"
✱ gouache
DSmith WC sticks
✱ Schmincke AQUA "effect spray"
✱ W + N Granulation Medium, sprayed on
✱ alcohol, also sprayed on

Snote o'the Day: "I used to be Snow White but I drifted." Mae West

1 comment:

Donna T said...

The multi-media masterpieces continue! I like the slight tension between the literal and the abstract. I can't help but try to make sense of those shapes.