Friday, February 19, 2010

Mappa di Bedolina

This is a simplified graphic rendering of the Bedolina Map, a petroglyph at Valcamonica, Italy, in the Italian Alps. It is dated to about 2,500 BC. Click on it to get a closer look. It's well worth it!

(A truer, more detailed -- annotated? -- graphic image of it is here.)

The pic below (and this) is what it looks like in situ. Hmmm. Time for a field trip to Italy?

. Rock Art in the Alps - Valcamonica
. Rock Drawings in Valcamonica
. The new history of cartography, UNESCO Courier, June, 1991 by J.B. Harley
. Cartocacoethes: Why the World’s Oldest Map Isn’t a Map / October 13, 2008 by John Krygier

YET MORE, these are COOL map sites:
. Cartophilia
. Map of the Week
. Strange Maps

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