Pastel Links / updated 17Feb2014

Passionate About Pastels Facebook Group -- there is a LOT of action here, a lot of great pieces posted and (happy to report) very few pictures of cats. Good site.

Arranging Pastels by Value, by Maggie Price :

Astrid Volquardsen -- pastel artist, interesting blog!

Pastel Boxes (organization) - Phil Bates

How To "Criticize" Your Own Paintings
Pastel News
Pastels ---> color charts online 

Richard McKinley's Pastel Pointers Blog

Links: My Favorite Pastel Artists (rev21July10)
How to Mount and Frame Pastels

Examined: Pastelmat Paper (rev14Sept10)

Examined: 8 Adaptable Pastel Supports

Marla Baggetta: 100 Variations

Painting Water

Painting Fog

Having trouble fixing large drawings...

Sky Blue / Gurney Journey

Gurney on COLOR


The Spinning Beachball of Death

Fixative Notes

Bill Cone

Pastels - Resources for Artists (Squidoo)

Painting Shadows

Pastels (etc!) Book List (revised 30Dec09)

Youtube: PanPastels

Six Unisons / Casey Klahn

The Colorist / Casey Klahn

Pastel plein air? help tips hints and ideas how to paint outdoors?

Plein Air - Best Practices for Setup?

"Plein Air Painting: Where Did We Go Wrong?" by Jean Stern (Spring 2008)

Online Color Wheel

Pastels : color charts online

Alla Prima Pochades / Ben Haggett

Soft Pastel Talk WC
Pasel Plein Air Setup: The Search Continues / Richard McKinley
Plein Air Painting in Pastel | Plein Air Painters Tell You What You Need to Know

How to make new pastels from crumbs, bits, nubbins, and dust,  by Charlotte Herczfeld - on page 11 of the Sept 2012 Pastel Scribbler