Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yellow Tree Line

This is about 9" x 12" done with pastels on sky-blue tinted sanded paper.

It's inspired by the plein air paintings of BJ Stapen.

I am enjoying the notion of a very high (or non-existent) horizon, where I can play with the layers and the texture of the intervening mid- and foreground. Kind of the exact opposite of my skyscape interest of a month ago.

Que sera, sera. You gotta follow your nose.

This is about the same size, but done on salmon-tinted sanded paper. Quite a different all-over tone and mood.

This was my first piece painted on Sennelier La Carte pastel card. The sanded surface is delicate and can be dissolved very easily with just a touch of moisture or a drop of water, leaving a plain shiny white card stock below. Interesting. (Annoying?) I have a stack of this La Carte paper and need to begin to use it!


Unknown said...

The one above: The brain thinks it sees the open field first, but the foreground leads the eye. A zig-zag. Squint your eyes and you see the design of light and dark. Very beautiful-- especially the foreground.

Observe Closely said...

Thanks, Unknown! I am having a good time with the foregrounds, trying to get them to move and slope. It's fun!