Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tool Report: Kid Palette

Portability? Yeah, I guess so!

I found this kid palette at Plaza Art and remembered reading about in on RozWoundUp, on one of her palette pages. It's called the Jack Richeson Mini Watercolor Set 8.

So I snagged one (shoulda gotten five of 'em), took it home and soaked it until the pigment pellets that it came with were soft enough to dig out. I then filled it with some DSmith tube paints and let them "set up" over night. (I put eight colors in. Roz gets eleven by putting three more in the slot between the circles, where the microscopic brush originally snapped in.)

Anyway, the following morning I had a new carry-around-every-day toy to play with! Keen!

The Kid is also available from Wet Paint Art here. The closed dimensions are about 1-3/4" by 2-1/2".

The pix below show The Kid with my other two travel/sketch palettes.



Roz Stendahl said...

Jan, thanks for the shout out in your post. Congratulations on your new micro palette! I'm sure you are going to have many happy hours with it.

Just FYI, while soaking the original cakes of paint is definitely effective, if you're more impatient (as I am!) you can also pry them loose with an X-acto blade.

You HAVE TO WEAR GLASSES to protect your eyes in case the tip of the blade snaps (I use an 11 blade)—that's rare, but I'm just giving you the heads up.

The cakes are held in with a small dollop of glue and if you wedge the tip of the X-acto blade in along the side of the cake you can sometimes just flip a cake right out. (Other times it takes a bit of wiggling.)

Happy sketching!

Observe Closely said...

Thanks, Roz, for your comments! Yeah, I did discover that dot of glue. I decided to let the soak do most of the work, rather than my own elbow grease.

I am contemplating a list of worthy folks who need a personalized Kid for Christmas. Next up: how to replace the choo-choo train image on the cover. Hmm! Sandpaper then some enamel paint?