Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jardin de la Connaissance

I am not sure what I think of this. I may like it a lot. Especially the part about the mushrooms.
The Jardin de la Connaissance  was created by German artist Thilo Folkerts and Canadian artist Rodney LaTourelle. It's an installation at the Le Festival international de Jardins, in Métis, Quebec. It uses "discarded" books as construction elements for a garden.

"Invoking the mythic relation between knowledge and nature integral to the concept of ‘paradise’, we invite the emotional involvement of the visitor by exposing these fragile and supposedly timeless cultural artefacts to the processes of decomposition."
"The decaying books are organized between structural coloured plates, while their deterioration is further stimulated and accentuated by varieties of mushrooms that will be cultivated on selected editions."

Hmmm! . . . . more here.
☛ By the same token, CDSea is fairly great too. 
☛ As well as "the giant travelling human-shaped herb garden".
Please, God: love, nurture, and protect all artists!

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