Saturday, January 16, 2010


This is on Strathmore Aquarius II wc paper, done with Noodler's Sequoia Green ink (which is a delightful deep dark green) and done using a Walnut Drawing Stick.

The Walnut Drawing stick, despite being so named, is in fact made of carved bamboo.

By the way, the largest (not tallest, but largest) currently known Sequoia sempervirens tree is named 'Lost Monarch', is located in Jedediah Smith Redwoods Park and was "discovered" in 1998. It is 320 feet high (oh, say almost twice the height of my 16 story building ) and 26 feet in diameter at the base. (I once camped -- that is, I pulled my entire 17-foot-long VW Eurovan camper -- INSIDE an old sequoia stump in a small oceanside park in northern California. It was quite possibly the coolest thing ever. To sleep inside a tree. Albeit long dead.)
sempervirens = "always alive"

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