Monday, January 11, 2010


About 7" x 10". Base is 300lb 'rough' watercolor paper.

I used, in approximate sequence:
cut-open teabags, glued on with primer
DSmith watercolor sticks (yeah, I sprung for 'em)
✱gouache and watercolor paints
NeoArt watercolor crayons
✱alcohol washes and sprays
✱spays of water
Colourfix primer
Golden Fiber Paste
✱layers of soft pastels
✱more primer
✱sanded the surface down w/sanding block
SpectraFix fixative
✱more soft pastels and pans

Okay, yep: I basically used everything in the house on this piece except mayonnaise. Hence, the new tag "mixed-media". Eh?

I don't like books where every other sentence has been contrived with an eye to eventually appearing in Bartlett's. Spare me.

Pic: Click on this doggie here on the right. Trust me.

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Samter Petuel said...

Okay, this one I love!