Friday, January 15, 2010


This is about 6-1/2" x 19" x 1/2". Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it has a 3rd dimension. The man-made part of the island is a vacuum cleaner filter encased in various media to render it pastelable. It rises about a half inch from the surface of the board. It's still a little spongy, even with all that stuff on it. But that enhances its islandness. Right?

Oh I don't know. For heaven's sake. What the heck!

The list of media is similar to Map2. Next I am going to try granulating medium and more alcohol, both sprayed on. Also Schmincke Aqua Effect Spray Medium, which "disturbs the surface of watercolor paint and creates interesting patterns." Keen? Keen! Am eager to try this stuff with the DS Watercolor sticks and with the gouache. And on top of the pastels.


Samter Petuel said...

If you haven't spent some time with Dubuffet lately you might want to visit him.

Observe Closely said...

Will do! Got his phone number? (Kidding!)