Friday, March 14, 2008

One Wary, One Bored

I got these two ladies in Metro the other day. The lady on the left was up against the window and wary, eyes darting, even though there wasn't much of a crowd at all. (She is done with my new Le Pen pen in the color "brown", washed with the Pentel Waterbrush. The "brown" Le Pen washes into a nifty burgundy-brown. Very nice!)

The lady on the right was in the middle of the seat behind. Fat, bored, and disdainful. (She is done with Private Reserve 'Velvet Black' ink, in the Lamy Vista fountain pen, also washed with the Pentel waterbrush.)

I have been reading quite a bit about the solarplate printing. It has allure because you can use photos and images from Photoshop. It's worrisome because it sounds very complicated. Must read more and maybe find someone locally who is adept. Watch them!

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