Friday, September 28, 2012

Today: from Spain

Spectacular map art by Fernando Vicente, in Madrid. Wonderfully textured and touchable and comfy. I like these a LOT.


BONUS! There's this scary large object in Barcelona called Sagrada Família. And there's this famous sound+light show company in Montréal called Moment Factory.

Recently "Moment Factory was invited by the City of Barcelona and the City of Montréal to create the first sound and light spectacle to be projected on the complex façade of the Sagrada Família in Barcelona."  It took Moment Factory four months to design and set up the 15-minute-long show entitled Ode à la Vie, but holy gaudí it sure is worth it.
 --= See a short vid here.
 --= Watch the full son et lumière show here. (I like this vid the best of all the full-length HD versions because it's like you're really there.)

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