Sunday, June 24, 2012

Make a Signature / updated 13July2012

So I don't lose these excellent links:
 -- Booklyn Artists Alliance: The Pamphlet Stitch Instruction Sheet (PDF)
 -- TJBookarts: How to Make a Pamphlet Book (video)
 -- Comfortableshoesstudio: Make a Pocket Notebook or Journal with the Figure 8 Stitch (video)
 -- Lisa Conrad's Pamphlet Book Template (diagrams; illustration here is from Lisa Conrad's webpage)
 -- MUCH more complicated, using the Coptic stitch:  --  Midori Travelers Journal Watercolor Refill Tutorial, from


MiataGrrl said...

Blog as personal filing cabinet? I like it! It's as good a place as any to store data (100 times better than most paper filing systems).

- Tina

Observe Closely said...

But also handily available in case I want to point folks to the best instructions I have found so far for making a simple pamphlet sketchbook. A public filing cabinet!