Friday, June 29, 2012


I had forgotten that visitors are not permitted to wear a backpack in full 2-strap backpack position at NGA. (It can only we worn slung over one shoulder.) I very much enjoyed my visit, but balancing the backpack on one shoulder while sketching was a little awkward.

And so I came home to re-pack my current lightest-weight kit in a shoulder bag that I could wear across my chest, messenger bag style.

I got out the Maxpedition Neatfreak Organizer and slid the Midori into one of the large pockets. The un-zipped and open Cubix Round Zip Pen Case fits into the opposite big pocket. (I was happy not to have to unpack it.) Both the Midori and the Cubix fit with room to spare!

And I can reach all of the tools down in the Cubix with the top part of the wraparound zipper of the Maxpedition open and the bag hanging across my chest. Huzzah! No more juggling!

As you can see, there are a wealth of other pockets available for use. In the interests of weight, I left them empty. (Such self-control!)

Now all I need is the temperature to drop below 100º so I can go back, ummm, outside.


Do this: Buy the Derwent Academy Watercolor Pan Set for ten bucks, throw away the plastic insert holding all the cheap Derwent paint (or give it to a handy child), and fill the empty box with good quality paint in pans, using magnets. The Derwent box is thinner and lighter than my medium sized three-fold travel palette and it has almost as much mixing space in the lid. And it holds more pans. It is a little flimsy, so more testing is in order.
I got the Kuretake No. 13 Fountain Hair Brush the other day. Nice!  I filled it (using a converter) with J. Herbin Perle Noire ink, which is a lush black. I intend to practice more with this brush pen.
This is a great logo for a Clown Question t-shirt. I love the geeky little maple leaf hat on the clown. Excellent.


Twining Vine Designs said...

I agree on the Derwent tin--it is not as sturdy as my foldout ones, but it is slim and light and roomy!

Observe Closely said...

Thanks, Twining, for your comment! It's so slim that I was frankly surprised the pans (with the magnetic tape on the bottoms) fit into it. But they fit just perfectly. It's almost as if the box was designed for them! I had to bend the bottom frame of the box slightly with pliers in order to get the catch to snap shut with authority, but other than that, it looks to be quite A-OK! Time will tell.

MiataGrrl said...

Hi Jan! I hadn't been to your blog in a couple weeks, and suddenly there's all this great stuff! Love the little paint kit and examples of washes with the Pilot (which I never did find in the drawer...must go get one). What a strange rule about not wearing a backpack on the back...have not heard that one.