Sunday, May 29, 2011

Harry's Roadhouse

There have been a number of busy days since the workshop ended. At left is John inhaling a dollop of guac at Harry's Roadhouse. Which establishment I recommend for their green chile salsa, OMG, which I on my side was busy inhaling. ("'Scuse me, miss. Do you sell this salsa by the quart?")

Other activities of note:
-- A number of visits to the Farmers' Market (not much yet except greens and radishes, but a very nice ambiance -- I bought a beautiful gourd yesterday)
-- Excursions with John and Marie (and with Tony the real estate agent) to look at condo properties. John and Marie are on a serious quest to decide whether they want to re-locate here from MD. I was initially just along for the fantasizing, but am getting beguiled. It's most tempting -- the local opinion is that the prices haven't bottomed YET, which is remarkable and a little nerve-wracking.)
-- Strolls around the Plaza and around Canyon Road (yesterday afternoon there was a six and a half foot tall guy in weird short striped pants, sporting an exquisite and utterly monumental Ace Ventura hairdo, tooling around the Plaza hand-in-hand with a little child. We and a number of the other vendors decided it was indeed Jim Carrey himself -- hey, why not?) In addition to "Ace", the Plaza is really hopping right now, what with all the holiday weekend visitors. Very nice buzz! Fun!
-- A visit to the Native Treasures Indian Arts Festival, running this weekend in the Convention Center downtown. "Museum-quality" merchandise = Wow. I was happy to meet John and Marie's new friend, Mark Winter, owner of Toadlena Trading Post, who had a booth there. He is devoted to the Navajo weavers around him and he (naturally!) had some beautiful rugs there at the Festival.

The weather lately has been exquisite. Very cool nights and mornings and sixties-low seventies days with blue skies. My casita is just great. (I even hosted a cook-out a few days ago. The grill works fine!)

Possible activities to come include a cooking class or two, a papermaking workshop, and a few out-into-the-surrounding-hinterlands excursions.

See the pic gallery for more iphone pix. Love that camera!

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Bill said...

I know it's not salsa, but this post inspired me to make a delicious batch of mango guacamole the other night!

Also? Chipping away at The Thurber Carnival. Can't thank you enough.