Saturday, June 5, 2010

Workshop Part 2

Back at the encaustics worktable, this time for only two days, again under the tutelage of Ellen Koment.

Slideshow of all the 8 pieces I did:
Almost all are 12"x12".


victoria said...

HI Janet, I must say that this is your best cruciform yet; in my humble opinion of course! I do very much like the desert sky also. Not that the skies here in Cleveland are so bad this time of year........just not the expansive vistas. Hope your trip home continues to be safe. Victoria

Paula Scott said...

Ouch! These are so good they hurt!
Holy cows. You are so rockin' with this!
So, now I know you stayed for this class!
And, I agree that is the best cruciform yet. So mysterious and austere.

Samter Petuel said...

Fabulous! Make them big, big, bigger!!!! Please..

Observe Closely said...

I did make three big pieces (2' x 2') and they were burdens to bear (for the most part) instead of fun to do. Not sure if I'm cut out for the big stuff.