Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Well, now that you ask . . .

"Why, YES! We DO have a room available for tonight! Tell me, what brings you to Topeka today?"
✱ Well, now that you ask, I just left Leavenworth. You know, it's just up the road a piece? And I need a place to hole up for the night.
✱ Well, I live here in Topeka and have decided to stay one night in every inn and hotel in town. You're next!
✱ My husband just threw me and my six kids (all under ten years old) out of the house. Your inn is the closest. Do you have cribs?
✱ I am here for the State Fair! Brought Big Frannie, my hog. Raised her from a piglet myself. Do you have straw?
✱ I am a tornado-chaser and a Big One is headed your way. Do you have a cellar?
✱ I am looking for Dorothy and Toto. Do you know them?

This is the valley of the West Fork of the Upper San Juan River, alone Route 160. My pic was taken looking down the valley, southwards towards Pagosa Springs, with the upper road to Wolf Creek Pass behind me. Lovely!

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Paula Scott said...

Topeka? I'm in Topeka? Shoot, I took the wrong turn off!