Friday, May 21, 2010

Ghost Ranch

Strange place. Exquisite location and scenery. Superb cottonwoods, of an age and wtih a dignity to be envied. Odd place, though.

The bottom sketch, above, is of an "old" cabin on a hill, (left over from the filming of 'City Slickers' in 1990) with the blue-blue Abiquiu Lake in the background. Whatta view! Whatta spot!


Ghost Ranch clouds, New Mexico skies:

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John Robinson said...

"Strange place." "Odd place, though." Could it have anything to do with the name Ghost Ranch? One explanation for the name is the number of hangings for rustling that took place there. Another is that spirits reside in them thar canyons. Based on personal experience, I subscribe to the latter. And it is visually stunning.