Sunday, June 23, 2013

WIP? Dunno. Finished? Dunno.

This is in an in-between state. I usually work on a piece until I am more or less satisfied and then put it up where I can see it when I happen by at intervals during the day. Most often I come back and make substantive changes.

With this one, however, I think it might be finished. I am going to give it more time than usual in this bare-bones state to really decide.

This one began with a horribly mistaken underpainting with wide very dark diagonal swatches and blobs against an almost stark white field. I washed and scrubbed most of the offense off, flipped the piece upside down and incorporated the streaks that remained.

Time will tell.

About 9" x 12" on sanded paper, done with pastels.


Unknown said...

Done! Do not put your paws on this anymore. So much nuance and contrast-- light, dark, heavy, and delicate in the strokes. Light peers through the sky and yet the ground retains a trueness to how light reflects off surfaces.
I could go on...foreground, middle and many moments in this pitcher.

Observe Closely said...
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Observe Closely said...

Thanks, Anon. Despite the "paws" crack, I take this all as complimentary. I am tending to think it's finished too.

Unknown said...

No malice intended by the "paws" comment, honest. Apologies, just the same.