Sunday, May 19, 2013


This is about 8" x 11" and was intended to be the preliminary pastel/watercolor underpainting for another attempt at a pastel painting of wild field flowers. What has stopped me at this point is that it looks pretty durn great just the way it is. I am loathe to do anything else to it.

Dilemma! Work in progress? Or finished piece?


Here's another, same size, less precious!

OK then. So much for imaginary flarz. Back to skies!


FaithdoesAsia said...

These are extraordinary! I'm coming home from India tonight and am using your blog as an example for my friends in Kolkata. XOXOX

Unknown said...

As for the top one-- mull it over, look at it, don't look, stow it away, bring it out, when you're not so close to it, you can decide what to do. Plenty more pictures to make.

Precious did not come to mind when looking at these.

Observe Closely said...

Good advice, Unknown! Thanks!