Saturday, May 19, 2012

No Man

Thinking about my travel kit.

Gouache? Yes.
Gouache? No.
Gouache? Maybe.
Gouache? How?


Jamie Williams Grossman said...

Jan, this looks like a wonderful goauche setup for travel. What is your dilemma? Are you trying to go smaller?

BMoon said...

oooh oooh, someone else who loves gouache! This is so exciting. I'll have to scroll thru all your posts to see if you have solved the "gouache in a palette" challenge.

I finally bought myself a porcelain dish at Bed Bath and Beyond (much cheaper than art supply type) and am using gouache straight out of the tube. What a difference. We are talking BOLD and not ANEMIC. Haven't tried plein air with gouache yet in this fresh tube paint way, but the small palette i have of dried up gouache works for little paintings, but I'd like to work larger. Thanks for posting, great site. Go Gouache!