Sunday, June 26, 2011

Down County

My visit "down county" to St. Mary's County and vicinity included:
-- Historic St. Mary's City's "Mid-Summer Faire". (It was on Saturday. There appears to be a rule that all period-costumed staff have to go about their day barefoot. At least those depicting mid- to lower-caste folk. Very faithful!).
-- I hung about the dock where the Maryland Dove is berthed (so I could make a little painting of it), Trinity Church, and the Godiah Spray Plantation. I also listened to choir practice from St. Mary's Hall, on the campus of the college.
-- I studied the locals at supper at Courtney's and I very briefly visited Solomons Island (crossing - yikes!- the Governor Johnson Bridge over the Patuxent River).
-- But I REALLY especially enjoyed my crab cakes on grilled ciabatta washed down with two root beers at Blue Wind Gourmet, in California, MD, where I stopped on the way home. Excellent spot!

The view above is a little cove off Calvert Bay (upon which my inn was situated), snapped around about the 7am 'stillness' time.
At left: historic colonial cow.

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