Saturday, November 20, 2010

I like how it cuts the sky

I had a delightful dusk encounter with Richard Serra yesterday that I very much enjoyed.

Wait! Hush!

A peculiar "museum" is one whose printed Visitor Guidelines include this gem: Please do not publish any writing about your visit to [...] through public or social media.

I like the please part. Should I honor that humble yet unbelievably, almost absurdly pretentious request?

Fiddlesticks to that.

I can and I will still gush and moan and drool all over the Serra. What a spectacular job HE has, eh? Dream up these utterly riveting objects and then actually freaking build them. This one is outdoors and it was about 4:30, the sun right above the horizon and glaring through between among an adjacent leafless stand of trees. Inside the Serra it was kind of dark and scratchy. But the sky above me was lit luminous, so the rusty walls glowed. There is one tree, very nearby (an oval puddle of its fallen leaves was like a welcome mat, right at my entrance to the spiral) and looking up from various spots inside you can see the crown of this tree gripping the top edge of my Serra.

Now "my" Serra, totally. "I like how it cuts the sky" was his comment on this particular installation and I wholeheartedly share his appraisal.

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