Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sensuality is the new conceptualism

This quote is from R.M. Vaughn's recent review in the Globe and Mail, of Nava Waxman's (!?) encaustic show, entitled Light of Reverie, at Engine Gallery in Toronto:
. . . And then it occurred to me that I’ve actually seen a lot of beeswax on the walls lately. Perhaps the stuttering economy, the omniscience of cold digital reproduction, and the overall sense of exhaustion (ideological, theoretical, and pictorial) that pervades too many exhibitions of late have all combined to make the homey feel of encaustic works more attractive.

Viewers need a hug, and encaustic works, whatever their failings (the foremost being a tendency amongst some purveyors to equate humble wax with greeting-card whimsy), are nothing if not tactile. Sensuality is the new conceptualism, to disrespect The Question.
More here.

[image above courtesy of Nava Waxman 2010]

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