Friday, September 24, 2010

Let's excelerate together!

This is an interesting collaborative project by Mr. Sean Diediker. Here is part of his introduction. I have not edited it one jot or tittle:
As I attempt to become a more righteous painter I have embraced medium of Encaustic (beeswax). It allows me to work in reverse. I normally have a well thought out composition, subject and color scheme, with Encaustic I start with an abstract series of marks that eventually suggest an image but nothing is preconceived.. Its like looking at clouds and eventually seeing Osama Bin Laden riding a mechanical Bull wearing a feather boa while blowing bubbles. ya know?

I want to know what you see?? No holds Barred. No wrong answers. We can call this a collaborative art project...

I will be sealing all of your comments on the back of each piece before sending them to the Galleries.

To me it seems as though the art pendulum over time has slowly swung from realism to abstraction, excelerating [sic] greatly in the last two centuries. Perhaps we can push the pendulum back the other way by starting with complete chance driven abstraction and then extract imagery. I intend to use the Wax Onion as a vehicle to do just that.
Naturally The Wax Onion is poised on Facebook, the ultimate in whiz-bang excelerated collaborative venues.

Explanatory vid here.
Facebook page here.


UPDATE!! -- "Birds, Bees, and Mormons: Utah Artist Uses Beeswax and Facebook to Create New Collaborative Art Form", 19Oct10, from PRWeb. They didn't say anything about his scary typos. Hmm. PR guys? Hmm!

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