Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sleep not at all

Some advice:

"Ground coffee loses a lot of its aromatics and other stuff in the first minute after being ground." So don't dilly dally.
☛ Fresh-brewed coffee is "fresh" for 10 minutes or less. So 'pour over' only one cup at a time.

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Miss E said...

My favorite place to get locally roasted coffee was Misha's in Old Town. They have a wide variety of roasts, and the coffeeshop has the right kind of feel for me - crowded, busy, but with tables where you can get a little work done or chat with a friend. It's not too comfortable, though, so people don't stick around - which is a good characteristic in a coffeeshop if you ask me.

There was a piece on The Splendid Table last week about coffee, roasting, pour-over, etc. I only caught part of it, but they were talking about how there are students in Japan writing their masters theses on a particular pour-over pot that happens to also be in use at our favorite coffee shop here in A2.

Might need more coffee after all of this talking about it.