Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Making a case for belt-tightening

or 'Laying a Square Egg in Metro'
True story, as told to me by "a friend":
"The other day I hustled on my clothes, since I was running late, and inadvertently put on a pair of old baggy jeans. No prob, really. Still serviceable, albeit a bit droopy around my hips. I slipped my wallet into my pocket as usual, with my Smartrip card in the outer fold of the wallet, then headed out. Get to station. Pull out wallet and swipe Smartrip card to get onto platform. Return wallet to pocket, hang around on platform, train arrives, enter train, sit down. Begin reading. All is well.  . . . .  Approaching exit station, I stand up and gee the wallet in my pocket feels kind of "funny". Exiting the train at my destination I realize that, rather than putting my wallet back in my pocket earlier, I missed the pocket entirely and I just slid it down inside my pants. And these being much baggier trow than the usual, as I am getting out of the train and onto the crowded platform, I feel my wallet begin to slide slowly down the inside of my thigh. Oops. A discrete but effective clutch at my crotch (discrete because I didn't want to scare anyone) and I retrieve the sliding wallet. I hook it back up to the vicinity of my waistband and I deftly (and quite nonchalantly I might add) pluck it out. Swipe Smartrip card to exit Metro and nestle wallet back --- carefully. carefully! --- into pocket this time. Lesson learned: When wearing baggy trousers, aim better."

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