Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who is Captain "A"?

This is on charcoal paper, done on the spot with pen+ink, then abused later with NuPastels and then with gouache.

Stopping just a hair past making a mess.

New gimmick: trying to connect each figure with the adjacent using a continual line. Goal: a pleasing layout/design for the page. Grade so far: a miss. Those two in the center are a little too close for comfort.

A Mess and a Miss. Great!

Q: Who is Captain "A"?


Samter Petuel said...

Here's a trick. Start by drawing a line around your paper and then add in the faces. That way the spaces between the border and the inside drawings take on a more dynamic quality. No more misses!

J said...

Excellent idea! The border creates that mythic 'negative space'. I fear, however, that it'll take more than just a border to prevent more misses. . . but good idea! Thank you.